Housing/Rental Inspection Services  Boulder, CO

MSE Inspections (Mark Stangl)

NACHI  Member (National Association of Certified Home Inspectors)

  • Licensed Professional Engineer in Colorado
  • General Contractor Class D-9 contractor for City of Boulder Rental Housing Inspection services. 
  • General Contractor Class G Energy Inspector for SmartRegs. 
  • Certified Mold Inspector
  • MSE is now is offering Real-Estate Sales inspection services for buyers and sellers.  As a Electrical and Mechanical Engineer with over 30 year history in high and industrial technology  I bring a level of technical experience above and beyond the traditional home inspector.   MSE can report on structural defects that are not obvious to many inspectors.
  • I have inspected over 3000 units  in the since 2001.
  • The seller, agent, or buyer is required to be present during the inspection process. Be sure to review the inspection checklist form (attached) before scheduling your inspection.  Owner and Realtors must approve the inspection schedule.

Rental Inspection for Boulder:

Condos  $125 , Houses $125-150, Multi-units are discounted.  Call for a quote! A simple SmartRegs analysis is  $100 if scheduled at the same time with the rental inspection. We do not include the blower door duct leakage test at this price. There is no reinspection charge if repairs are documented with receipts and or photos.

Real Estate Inspection in Boulder County

  • A checklist will be filled out at the time of inspection.  A final copy will be mailed, emailed, webloaded for download,  or faxed after I complete my review of the inspection.   Photographs and any other supplemental information will be included in my report and may include an additional narrative explanation. Email a request for  an inspection worksheet,
  • MSE Inspections are based on the NACHI Standards of Practice see http://www.nachi.org/sop.htm
  • A Carbon Monoxide Test will be preformed and optional Radon and Mold testing can be conducted for an additional cost.
  • Electrical Load and Capacity Survey $200.  Make sure all your circuits are operating to safely standards.
  • Moisture detection survey  $100. Help find the presence or source of moisture in your home.
  • Prices including a checklist report and download permission for reports and photos.  A formal narrative report price with photos may be more, depending on the scope of the report.
  • Single Family Homes under 2000 sq feet $450
  • Larger Homes $450 and up.
  • Radon Test Instrument can be left on the premises for a at least 48 hoursof time and then retrieved and read.  High Radon levels my require remediation and/or real estate negotiation.   Price for retrieval and testing service is  $100.
  • Mold testing is based in the number and type of samples.  Estimate $200.
  • Lead paint testing is $50 for 2 sample areas.
  • Payment is due at the time of service unless other arrangements are made in advance.
  • Larger homes, Apartment complexes, and multiple units are quoted on a case by case basis.
  • Cancellations, no shows, or if the owner is unable to gain entry are billed at the FULL PRICE and imply no future discounts.  
  • After scheduling MSE will get the lock box code from the sellers agent if needed.
  • All work performed by MSE Systems is warranted to be a good faith effort and MSE Systems assumes no responsibility or liability for the Home Inspection, or any damages greater than the actual cost of the inspection by MSE or any MSE  subcontractors that participate in the inspection. There are no refunds credits for MSE inspection services.


Mark Stangl, P.E.,

MSE Systems www.mseinspect.com

Company Email MSE@msesystems.com

PHONE 303 499-3163 CELL 303-875-1041, FAX 206-337-1829

MAIL & SHIP 4738 McKinley Drive, Boulder CO 80303

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